Creativity In PR – How Ideas & Data Play Nice Together, Greg James, Cake NYC

In our 2013 Creativity in PR study, 61% of people say that insight and planning drive great PR campaigns, with 65% saying they use it. I worked at Cake London for several years with the uber-talented Greg James, now MD Cake Group US. He talked to me about How Ideas and Data Play Nice Together.

“Everyday, in the marketing and communications industry, our jobs are getting harder. Everyday, new technology and platforms emerge that increase the pace and possibilities endlessly.

We’re all trying to keep up and stay on top of a landscape that’s moving the dialogue between brands and consumers faster than ever before with information spreading in new ways like water from a bursting dam.

The saving grace is that data is guiding us more than ever before too – more and more of what we say and do as consumers or as marketers is trackable, traceable and understandable through analysis of patterns, numbers and structures. But data relies on interpretation – facts and figures are only of any value if we can respond to what they tell us and act on it.

All of which is why, right now, we must remember to place huge value on creativity – because decision-making is being commoditized and across the industry it’s the creativity that can set us apart with clients and consumers.

What do I mean? I work in a creative, content business right at the heart of a media planning and buying agency. Every day, with clients from all kinds of industries, we’re debating what kind of insights they can glean from the vast quantity of data available to them. Everything gets analyzed from web traffic to store traffic to social shares and Instagram interactions.  But none of this insight means anything without creative interpretation from the same ‘numbers guys’ who ran the analysis and their counterparts across the agency landscape who come up with new ideas for content and response that play back to the insight that the numbers are telling them.

It’s a golden age of technology and data but the future’s bright for creativity – the analytics make our numbers meaningful, we can act on our insight more accurately and form new kinds of consumer or client relationships.

We’re seeing an appetite from all kinds of clients, as well as our data driven media colleagues, to learn more about creativity and understand where ideas come from, how to hone them and how to sell creatively. It’s an exciting time for the commodity of media buying to be enlivened by the creativity of smart new thinking.”


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