Sara Jones, Course director, Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership, City University London

Dr Sara Jones is programme director for the innovative Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership (the MICL) at City University London. Sara is currently a Senior Lecturer with interests in creativity and the design of interactive systems. Her area of expertise is developing and utilising digital tools and technology to support creative processes. Sara has supported the Creativity Study since its inception in 2012 working alongside Now Go Create Founder Claire who she tutors on the MICL.

“It’s good to see some positive trends in this year’s survey, for example in the proportion of PR businesses that now have a defined creative process. It’s also interesting to see that there is some way to go in many areas. My main area of interest is in the use of digital tools and technologies to support creative and innovation processes, so these are the particular points I’ve picked up on. First, although 88% of respondents say they are using group brainstorming to generate ideas, only 44% feel that it’s effective, which lead me to wonder how many companies are taking advantage of new digital tools for brainstorming that can be used even with distributed teams, and can help mitigate against some of the unwelcome social phenomena, such as production blocking, evaluation apprehension, and social loafing, that can get in the way of a productive brainstorming session. Noting also that only 13% of respondents are using crowd-sourcing, it seems that few are taking up the opportunities offered by online open innovation platforms, that can help crowd-source ideas both from employees across large organisations, and directly from consumers.”

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