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A deep dive with interviews with Creative Leaders in UK PR

“In the 3 years since our first Creativity in PR Study with the Holmes Report, the number of Creative Director positions has risen by almost 10%. This trend is more broadly reflected by the number of roles posted on recruitment websites and do we need a Creative Director (or not) is a question I’m regularly asked. Meanwhile, 37% feel creativity it is part of everyone’s job. So how does a business find the balance and lead creativity? Certainly the majority of the big agencies now have a dedicated CD or resource. Having been in that role several years ago at a WPP agency, I can say that I’ve thoroughly been through the theory and reality of doing it in a 100-strong business. I believe what you need is someone to LEAD creativity rather than BE the creative and that’s a big distinction between Creative Directors in PR and advertising. You go from being the maker to the catalyst as well as the person in the frontline. I’ve heard the role described as being the ‘punchbag and the lighthouse’ and for me that’s about right.

So what kind of person can fit that the seemingly impossible CD job description? For us  leaders + process + ideas + execution = creativity. We’ve interviewed 13 of the best operators working in the industry now to tell us about what informs their work, what drives them and predictions for creativity in agencies in the next 5 years. At Now Go Create we’ve had the privilege of working with many of these creative leaders over the years and continue to work collaboratively with many of the agency sparks here to up the ante on their creative programmes.  We hope you find their perspectives thought-provoking and illuminating. If you have anything to add, if you think that we could improve the study for 2015 or have any comments in general please get in touch with me!”

Claire Bridges, Founder Now Go Create & Co-Author Creativity In PR A Global Study 2014

Creativity 2014 – Creative Thought Leadership