Creative PR Campaigns we love – Welcome to the Hornicultural Society

Creative PR Campaigns we love – Welcome to the Hornicultural Society

We love this cheeky PR campaign out this week from Relate, the relationship charity, targeting over 65’s to talk more freely about safe sex – not an easy ask. Relate’s study showed that:

  • 62% of Brits consider themselves to be sexually adventurous, despite 52% admitting to not buying a condom in the past year
  • Half of Brits (51%) find it difficult to have conversations about sex, with the majority saying it makes them feel awkward
  • Over 65s said sex was their favourite activity (44%) followed by seeing family (43%) and gardening (32%)
  • But, STI’s are their highest amongst this group

Combinational creativity is a classic way of generating ideas for creative PR campaigns and beyond – combine X with Y to make XY 😉

So taking the love of gardening and the sex stat insight combo above they’ve created some very tongue-in-cheek, limited edition ‘The Hornicultural Society’ vegetable seed packet condoms. You can get your hands on one by completing the form below or by popping into Finchley Nurseries this weekend.

With a nod to the most popular vegetable emojis, the collection features aubergines, plums, courgettes, onions, and avocados – forming a fully sustainable condom collection that can even be planted in a pot to biodegrade. By bringing the sexual health debate to an unexpected environment, Relate hopes to continue to break down taboos and get people talking about later life sex.

The design work is fab, it’s playful, on a topic that could be awkward and it’s got all the element of a media winner – great imagery, wordplay and sex! It also relates back to two of the classic 4 marketing P’s – Product – create a new / spoof product and Place – where can you sell or put your product or message for maximum impact?

Well done to Relate for tackling a sensitive subject with grace and humour, and what I imagine is quite a small budget sown, but reaping a massive media harvest! Boom boom.

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