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How to be a Creative Ninja is our most popular course – we’ve trained over 10,000 people from household name brands and agencies over the past five years. If you’ve read about the course and wondered what it’s like to take part find out more from these people who have recently taken the 1 day creativity course. A good example of the experience is when we ran 2 days of workshops at Bristol based integrated communications agency Bray Leino working across the B2B and Consumer teams there. On a 1 day course we typically discuss what good creativity looks like, share creativity theory, discuss how to devise creative strategy, share a range of problem solving techniques and the delegates practice the tools – a lot! This is what makes the session stick the minute people leave the room. We bring science (our academic insights at MA level) along with 20 years experience at the sharp end in top 10 agencies from our trainers.

Find out what different members of the Bray Leino team thought of the day:

Rosie Park, Account Director, B2B:  “I particularly enjoyed the problem statement bit & the theory in the morning, recommendations on books & TED talks to get the creative juices flowing. I rate the facilitation, the pace and my confidence to apply the workshop 5/5.”

Faye Lockier, Account Manager working in B2B: “To be honest I didn’t really realise that there could be a strategic process to being creative so it’s great to now be equipped with the tools to be more creative. My personal objectives were exceeded and I would rate the workshop 10/10 overall. For me the light bulb came on when I was able to identify emotional and rational points from a problem question. I was able to recognise that I prefer emotion points to find ideas from.”
Kelly Mcdaid, Account Executive working in consumer: “The tools themselves were extremely useful and I will definitely be using them within both my own creative thinking and within brainstorms. I enjoyed the whole session and found it all very informative and varied. I would say my personal expectations were certainly met within the session and the additional reading suggestions will help me to further this. It was a brilliant session and I’m really looking forward to trying out the tools!”

Phoebe Potter, Account Executive: “I loved the session. I really enjoyed the visual tools we learnt and found they worked best for me. Overall, it made me think of creativity as a process and skill that you can develop. It also was helpful for boosting my confidence and not being afraid to share my ideas. I found the identity thief idea more difficult (where you imagine what someone else would do with the problem) but I also can see why it can be a great tool. I just think that for me it could only be used in particular situations and of course with good knowledge of the person. The course is 100% relevant to my day to day role and I feel pretty confident (4/5) to apply what I’ve learned.”

The 2 days in Bristol were genuinely enjoyable as a trainer – it’s brilliant when people come to training with an open-mind and the attitude to jump right into whatever we ask them to do. Our aim is to equip an army of Creative Ninjas who have the confidence to be creative whatever their sector or challenges and the Bray Leino team wholeheartedly embraced that aim! We look foward to seeing the awards cabinet groaning under the weight of their rewards!

Written by Claire Bridges, Founder Now Go Create.

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