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Creative leaders are made, not born. If you want to to develop this essential leadership skill then join our next creative leadership course

Course Summary

Creative leadership is the ability to bring together the talents and skills of your creative workforce. Creative leaders know how to inspire, manage and reward creative behaviour – and, most importantly, how to sustain it for the long term. Join this programme to find out how.

2-day residential & blended learning

 October 23-25th 2023


12 delegates max

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About this course







About this course

What you will learn

Whatever your sector, creativity is a key driver for business success and is the lifeblood of many businesses. It’s debated, coveted, bragged about, awarded and misunderstood. There is a seemingly unrelenting requirement for it, as it is the route to new services, solutions, products, behaviour, sales, innovation and much more.

Join one of our Creative Leadership courses to focus on how to lead your business and your team to deliver creativity. Our next in-person programme will be in September 2023 in London and will include a blended learning element from coach Claire Bridges and her team. Guest speakers will feature, too.

The course covers creative thinking strategies designed to inspire others to back your vision and is aimed at business leaders, senior marketing and PR professionals and anyone else who is tasked with (or has been self-appointed to) steer the creative ship.


Your professional development

If you work for an agency in marketing, PR, advertising, experiential, design or digital, then you know the importance and value of leadership in creativity already. Creativity and innovation will no doubt be front and centre of your strategy and your value proposition – and a recurring theme in your conversations with clients.

If you work in-house, then you’ll be striving to bring the best creatively from your own team and your agency partners.

The World Economic Forum predicted many years ago that creativity would become one of the top three skills workers needed by 2020. Great ideas and solutions are still highly prized, and creativity is considered the most important leadership quality by global CEOs.

With the avalanche of new products, ideas, technologies, processes and ways of working that have entered everyday life, employees in every sector are going to have to become more creative in order to benefit from these changes. They need senior staff to show them the way: someone responsible for promoting creativity, developing a creative mindset in teams, using new processes, ensuring a steady flow of new ideas and bringing skills like Design Thinking and problem-solving into the workplace.

They need a creative leader.


A two-day leadership event, pre and post study, and a webinar, with optional add-ons. The focus of this residential is leadership in the context of creativity and getting the best from yourself, your people and creating a culture of creativity – led by Claire.


We’ll discuss creative leadership, your personal style and how this impacts creativity – both personal and team.
Focus on the factors that drive a creative culture with case studies and insights from a broad range of industries.
An overview/recap of creative theory in terms of models and approaches to include Creative Problem Solving (CPS) and innovation.
Selected readings for self-study and reflection with copies of Claire’s book,In Your Creative Element in advance of the programme for self-directed learning
Post event webinar to regroup, check-in and discuss observations, learnings and Q&A

Personal problem solving assessment, the VIEW, with a focus on your creative leadership traits


What you will receive

A personal problem solving assessment & report

One-to-one coaching session with Claire to discuss your report

In Your Creative Element handbook by Claire Bridges
A guide to assessing your team or group’s creative capabilities
A 6-12 month action-plan


Meet your coach

Claire Bridges

Now Go Create Founder & Chief Spark

Claire has spent almost 30 years in the creative industries. With a Public Relations background, she is a former WPP agency MD and Creative Director. Claire loves to develop creative talent and this once-a-year development programme is an opportunity to tap into her experience and knowledge to help develop your creative leadership skills. Claire is fascinated with the creative process helping individuals and teams, to drive innovation and unleash their creative potential. Claire was one of the first industry pros to be appointed to a Creative Director role in a PR agency over a decade ago. She is one of only a handful of people in the world to hold an MSc in innovation, creativity and leadership.


Clients words

“Claire is the best creativity trainer in our industry, please do quote me!”

Annouchka Behrmann
MD, Edelman, HK

“By openly sharing her own experiences, Claire gives inspirational tactics and exercises to unlock creativity in everyone. She lifts the bonnet on creative thinking, and shares the secrets of today’s creative masters. She democratizes the power of creativity, and makes us all experts in original thinking and ideas.”

Paul Davies Consumer Marketing Director, Microsoft


Frequently Asked Questions

What will you cover on this programme?

Our approach is to focus on you first, then your impact on the team and how to tap into your strengths to build your creative team. Self – We’ll start with a focus on you, your skills, mindset, personal objectives, leadership style and how to develop personal agency in relation to creativity Us – how to build high-performing creative teams – internally and externally with your agencies and partners too. Working together to create a culture where creative work is deliberate and sustainable

Who's this creative leadership course for?

This programme is open to anyone who has to understand and lead a creative charge in their business. From top team executives, MD’s and HRD’s interested in creating a transformational breakthrough in leading creativity in their organization through to in-house marketing team members who have to lead and evaluate creative work internally and externally. This will be a small cohort made up of a broad range of industry leaders providing opportunities for cross-industry knowledge

– We’re assuming that you will have a grounding in leadership principles as part of your career development to date.

– You probably have at least 8 year’s work experience to be in a position to be leading others (but this is not mandatory).
– You’re seeking to draw on your own leadership style and the principles of great leadership to marry alongside what it takes to lead for creativity.

Who else will be in attendance on the programme?

You will be with managers and leaders who are interested in becoming the most effective leader they can be, through the lens of creativity. Claire has worked with teams and creative leaders from all over the world sharing her insights including applying theory into practice from her studies. We anticipate a strong showing from those in the creative industries due to our backgrounds and we welcome leaders of all ages, experience levels and industries. The only requirement is that you are eager to learn and grow.

Is this course accredited?

Yes, it is accredited the PRCA’s CPD programme, and represents 30 hours of learning. Your professional body may well also accredit your learning.


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