Creative inspiration for November

Creative inspiration for November

Every month we take a look at what’s going on out in the big wide world. 

There’s still just enough time to head to the RA to see the Gormley exhibition.

From the British coastline to the rooftops of Manhattan, Antony Gormley’s sculptures are recognised across the world. With work from his 45-year career alongside major new installations created for the RA’s galleries this is definitely one not to miss before the Christmas party madness impacts your social calendar until the new year! Throughout a series of experiential installations the show will invite visitors to slow down and become aware of their own bodies. Highlights include Clearing VII, an immersive ‘drawing in space’ made from kilometres of coiled, flexible metal, and Lost Horizon I, 24 life-size cast iron figures set at different orientations on the walls, floor and ceiling – challenging our perception of which way is up. It finishes on the 3rd December. See you there.

The Art of Innovation: From Enlightenment to Dark Matter at The Science Museum

We love a bit of lateral thinking here at Now Go Create. And the Science Museum is giving it to us in spades.  Ever wondered what the relationship between David Hockney and a particle accelerator is? Or Constable and molecular biology? Well wonder no more, because this ambitious show at the Science Museum is going to explore the dialogue between science and art over the past few centuries. Hepworth, Boccioni and Constable are just some of the artists dragged into the lab and put under the microscope. It’s free but booking is advised. There is also a podcast on Radio 4, a 20-part radio-series airing to support the exhibition. 

Immersive theatre takes on The Great Gatsby

Anyone who knows us here at Now Go Create will know that we love a bit of immersive theatre. So we’re excited that the creators of long-running immersive London hit ‘The Great Gatsby’ have followed up with an interactive adaptation of Jordan Belfort’s story. Exact details are sketchy, but the show will take place in a four-storey building in central London that will house a recreation of various locations from the memoir.  It’s running Nov 19 2019-Jan 19 2020 tickets here.

We believe in regularly refreshing your creative vaults and offer our own immersive experiences. Check some of them out here.


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