Walking Stories

Walking Stories

An intricately designed group audio-walk - a creative immersive experience


This is an intricately designed group audio-walk for parks and green spaces.

Using mp3 players and headphones, which remove you from the clutter of your life, the immersive and interactive nature of Walking Stories takes you on a journey with yourself and your companions. It quietly calls you into the present moment, challenging you to re-encounter how you interact with yourself, those around you and your environment. 

Led and directed by choreographer Charlotte Spencer, this absorbing experience has been designed by exceptional artists from the fields of choreography, dance, music, visual art, writing and the environment. 

You do not watch it, you live, build and dismantle it. 

At a Glance

Who's it for?
The curious, creatively stuck, alternative away-dayers!
How long for?
2 hours including reflection
By the end
Mind-blown, inspired, reflective, routine-busted
A suitable large park or green space selected in conversation between Now Go Create and the artist
Public dates
Private groups by arrangement, next open date Autumn 2019
“Walking Stories breaks people out of the routine of work & into a new way of viewing things. Whether you're looking for a new perspective on a specific problem - from something particular to the work or something broader about the way teams (big or small) work together. The format provides that perspective in a few ways. Physically, by placing you in a different space, and mentally, by encouraging you to think differently in relation to the space you're exploring.”
Walking Stories participant

What You Will Learn

A unique twist on a team building session 

Put aside the small talk. Step away from the usual mass of team building exercises.  Walking Stories is not a competitive, loud, adrenaline-pumped attempt to unite a team.

The reflective nature of the experience encourages individuals to pause and observe. Offering an utterly unique, shared experience with colleagues.

Eliciting non-verbal communication and connection. While promoting vulnerability, trust and collaboration – all essential for creativity back at the office.

An experiential people development tool 

Enveloped within Walking Stories are multiple experiential soft skills lessons for individuals and teams:

  • Mindfulness & Reflection 
  • Negotiation & collaboration 
  • Decision making & group unity 
  • Creativity, devising & making
  • Playfulness 
  • Alternative perspective seeking
  • Engages all the senses 
  • Dealing with the unknown

The embodied nature of these learnings supports the required physical and mental comprehension that helps lead to action. Download the details here Walking Stories 2019-2020

“Walking Stories was a breath of fresh air – literally and figuratively! None of us had ever experienced anything quite like it, and were transported to an entirely other world where we could truly explore our creativity in a memorable and inspiring way, and importantly together as a team. Something we all still talk about positively today – not to be missed!” Georgie Bentinck, Head of Advocacy, Campari Group

“A treasure hunt danced through the trees” The Guardian ★★★★ – Read Full Review

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