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An immersive creative experience on foot using the city for inspiration

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We’ve been coined the “look down” generation. Where once we looked out at the world and each other – the view in front of us being our primary source of information – today we frequently lower our gaze to interact with our phone or tablet. Research has shown the power of walking and movement in fostering creative thought, improving creative thought by up to 60%.

We believe creativity is something you ‘do’, not something you ‘have’. Get some vitamin D in and some fresh air whilst you look at things differently and seek a fresh perspective.

At a Glance

What is it?
An inspiring & stimulating immersive creative experience on foot
How long?
90 minutes to 3 hours
Wherever on the world you are!
Who's it for?
The curious. Anyone seeking creative stimuli. The bored. The creatively stuck. The Zoom Zombies.
"With an always-on attitude to work it can be difficult to clear your head and drift in your own thoughts. The Creative Safari was extremely useful on facilitating a freeing of the mind – which in turn resulted in a fruitful session, full of ideas. It really helped me let go of the “nay-saying” thoughts around my brief, it gave me the clarity I needed to take a fresh approach, resulting in some great new ideas.”
Tanya Harding-Keogh, 3 Monkeys Zeno

What You Will Learn

We’re all familiar with the fact that we have great ideas when we’ve stopped thinking about the problem and gone off and done something else.

So we’ve created the Creative Safari – a way to take a little time out from your day-to-day for deliberate creative thought. It’s our take on a dérive: problem-solving and learning by walking about in a group, talking, watching, getting lost and wandering – a dérive in French literally means “drifting”. It is a technique of getting lost in a city and allowing your unconscious mind time to problem-solve.

This immersive experience encourages you to look up and out and use the city for inspiration. We can tailor the Safari to your challenge if you’d prefer a little more direction – we’ve been to The Design Museum, Borough Market, The Tate as well as specialist retail stores and the streets of London, Antwerp & Lisbon.

The experience encompasses many different elements including random stimulus, pattern recognition and use of metaphor.

You’ll bring your challenge with you. Use your city and surroundings as your personal creative treasure trove and find answers. This typically takes the form of a 90-minute walk where you’ll deliberately get lost and into a state of flow and then work to unravel your findings to answer your problem. Be prepared to tolerate ambiguity and trust your unconscious mind. This may be an uncomfortable experience for those who need to have instant answers – unless you’re willing to let go a little!

The Creative Safari time can vary. If you have time to meander, or want to undertake a team bonding experience you can take 3 hours (90 mins walking, 90 mins working together, sharing and talking about what we’ve found over a coffee or a pint (depending on your mood and the yard arm). We can also do it in a shorter timeframe, of around an hour to 90 minutes.

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