Creative Coaching

Creative Coaching

One to one personal development with experienced coaches

We often work with individuals one on one to improve creative capabilities – either as part of a programme with a business or with individuals and freelancers who are looking to improve their abilities.

At a Glance

Who's It For?
Creative leaders and anyone wanting to take their creative career to the next level. Anyone who has been promoted to a new creative role or who is preparing for a promotion into leadership
How Long For?
We offer a minimum of 3 coaching sessions over 3 months but this work is tailored to you and your needsCreative leaders and anyone wanting to take their creative career to the next level. Anyone who has been promoted to a new creative role or who is preparing for a promotion into leadership
By The End
More focus, direction, purpose and help with action-planning your next steps
Claire gave me a coaching session on how to improve my facilitation skills for a really big global brand positioning workshop and I couldn't have done it without her help. It couldn't have gone better and the room of 12 senior Marketing and Commercial Directors left feeling like it was a day well spent. Everyone felt like they had made an effective contribution and had their voices heard, but also collectively developed a brand positioning which will feed strategic, creative and commercial activities for years to come.
Duane Holland, Founder & Creative Strategy Director DH Ready

What You Will Learn

Coaching is a useful HR intervention to help develop an individual’s potential and provide career support, as well as helping people to develop a more strategic perspective after a promotion to a more senior role (CIPD).

Of course everyone’s needs for coaching are different. We have a range of coaches to work with whether you are an entrepreneur embarking on a creative enterprise, a Creative Director looking to transition into a leadership role or simply wanting one to one support to prepare for a killer pitch or a Keynote or TED presentation. Contact us to find out more.

The content of the sessions will be tailored to you. We often start with a psychometric tool (the VIEW) or other tools to help you gain insight into your preferences and ways of thinking.

Typically people finish their coaching with a fresh perspective, a spring in their step and a clear focus of where they are headed.

We are currently working with the Creative Directors of several big London agencies in this way to help them in their creative leadership journey with great success as well as a group of 10 from an in-house team to act as creative catalysts in their organisation.

We’ll provide brain food, inspiration and creative stimulus to help you on your way!

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