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We understand that people have different learning styles and these short, impactful, immersive experiences are a great way to engage your audience. These are short, bite-size sessions on core creativity-related topics like self-belief, confidence, storytelling and collaboration.

Think of this like a delicious pick ‘n’ mix where you can choose just one or create your own ongoing programme of content for your people.

At a Glance

E-learning modules
25 creativity rapid e-learning modules taken at your own pace
Creative Safari
The antidote to Zoom meetings - get away from your desk & reconnect with your creativity
Tell your story
Learn tips & tricks from a master storyteller
Goodbye Inner Critic, Hello Inner Coach
Tackle underlying negative beliefs & develop creative confidence
Think on Your Feet
Develop collaboration, curiosity & confidence with improv
Speak Up: Find Your Personal Charisma
Five behaviours to develop your charisma
Walking Stories
A profound, immersive, choreographed walk, with an original soundtrack
Creativity Keynote
Founder Claire Bridges TED style Keynote
"A firehose of tools, techniques and training, with a strong emphasis on equipping us for creative action in our work lives."
Matthew Burgess

What You Will Learn

We’ve hand-picked a range of topics to develop your creative skills to the next level.

These sessions typically run for 60-90 minutes and we offer sessions back-to-back in a morning or afternoon slot, for around 25 delegates in each session, (more for the Keynote) to make the most of your time and budget.

Highly immersive and interactive, the workshops are designed to encourage participants to engage in new experiences that will enhance their day to day approaches to creativity.

Our ‘Thinking On Your Feet’ session allows people to  try improv comedy techniques in a playful way, encouraging collaboration, being creative in-the-moment, problem-solving on the fly. You have to listen and be open to new ideas – all very helpful for creativity and team building.

Creative confidence is central to creative output – whatever your role. The internal voice and the way you talk to yourself in your head, is called internal self-talk.

If yours helps to inspire you to greatness, it’s known as ‘positive internal self-talk’. But if it stops you from achieving what you set out to do, it’s called ‘negative internal self-talk’.

This confidence-building workshop helps people to tackle limiting beliefs, such as ‘I’m just not very creative’ or ‘people don’t respect my opinions.’ Participants work with James Mallinson, a leading mindset coach to understand how to get out of your own way with practical exercises.

We believe that getting out of the office and away from your desk is key to connecting with your inner creative, and trying out new things and encouraging curiosity is also essential. These sessions do just that.

If you’re looking for an engaging, crowd-pleasing Keynote on creativity, check out Founder Claire’s talk here.

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