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  1. December 21, 2016

    Why defining creativity matters for your business

    Think about the last time you thought something was creative. Was it a your own or an agency’s creative work, a new product, design or a service? What criteria did you apply to decide whether it was creative? The envy factor is often how I judge creative ideas – ‘ooh, I wish I’d thought of […]

    By Claire Bridges
  2. November 17, 2016

    If your last idea was a total failure… well done! Creative element #43

    Why failure and creativity are necessary bedfellows.   An oft-heard mantra in business is that it’s important to fail. No one gets things right first time every time – it is only by learning from our clangers that we’re given clues as to the right path to take. In my new book, In Your Creative Element, […]

    By Claire Bridges
  3. June 27, 2016

    Inspiration & brainfood – Glass Lions winners Cannes 2016

    Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of the campaign winners from the Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity that I personally found interesting. Of course there are hundreds so I’ve tried to pick work that reflect wider trends that emerged out of the festival this year. The trend for creativity for good continues […]

    By Claire Bridges
  4. June 17, 2016

    Now Go Create leads Guinness World Record Attempt World’s Largest Creativity Lesson!

    I’m so excited to have been asked by the Cannes Lions School to lead an attempt on an official world record today (23rd June)! The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is aiming to join the likes of Usain Bolt, Sir Richard Branson and Otto the Skateboarding Dog next Thursday by achieving the first ever Guinness […]

    By Claire Bridges
  5. “Creativity means not copying” – lessons in creativity from El Bulli
    May 18, 2016

    “Creativity means not copying” – lessons in creativity from El Bulli

    By Claire Bridges
  6. February 18, 2016

    Storytelling and brands – creative hacks to use the 7 story plots

    Storytelling and brands. Storytelling continues to be a buzzword in marketing. But what does it mean to you? PR people have always been storytellers, it’s a the heart of what we do. We create or take information and craft it into compelling stories that make people think or behave differently, that’s why copywriting is still […]

    By Claire Bridges
  7. February 2, 2016

    Business punks & radical thinking: new PR Festival celebrates Scottish innovation

    The not-so-silent creative revolution going on north of the border. The Scots are justly proud of their creativity and innovation. Scotland is a vibrant hotbed of creative talent and punches well above its weight in creative terms in relation to its size. It’s spawned a wealth of global brands including the Royal Bank of Scotland, […]

    By Claire Bridges
  8. Make this your best creative year yet!  Free creative resources
    January 20, 2016

    Make this your best creative year yet! Free creative resources

    By Claire Bridges
  9. October 7, 2015

    Want to innovate? Move to Oxfordshire!

    It’s easy to forget that the country we live in isn’t actually the United Kingdom of London – yet you’d be forgiven for thinking that every major event, everything of importance and anything with a bit of creative spark always happens within earshot of Big Ben. London PLC is not the be-all-end-all-of British industry, or […]

    By Claire Bridges

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