Can being mindful affect your creativity? By Faye Lockier

If ‘mindfulness’ hasn’t come up in any conversations you’ve had at least once over the last few months I would be surprised! For those of you who are not aware of the term, mindfulness can be described as a mind-body approach to well-being that can help change the way you think, feel and act about experiences in all aspects of life.
The origins of the concept lie in Buddhism but recently its practice has been less to do with religion and more to do with the pace of 21st century life. For me, awareness of mindfulness and a training session with Now Go Create came at around the same time and their impact has been enlightening.
Life as a PR Account Manager can often be a combination of forward planning, reacting on the spot and evaluation of the previous months, making it hard to process the present. I downloaded the Headspace app after seeing Millie Mackintosh Instagram her love for the app and decided to give it a go to help me deal with the here and now.
The app talks you through 10 minutes of ‘mindfulness’ and allows you to process the now and really understand how your mind and body is feeling. After just three days of taking 10 minutes out with the app, I was already sleeping better and feeling more refreshed in the morning. Combined with my creative training with Now Go Create the Headspace app took on a new role of being a point in my day where I could process ideas and projects from work life and think about them in a new way.
With this new outlook and place of peace in my day I was able to digest information that would have normally been lost to my sub-conscious and create new ideas to help client projects and my effectiveness at work as well as outside work.If you struggle to find time to process your day then I would thoroughly recommend you download the app. Not only will it help digest the day’s information so you can be more creative, it will also help you relax at the end of the day and leave work at work.
Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.”Walt Whitman
Find out more about the Headspace app here
Many thanks to Faye Lockier, Account Manager, Bray Leino for this guest post. If you have something creativity-related that you’d like to blog about please let me know!

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