Brainfood – 7 brilliant free creative resources

I often get asked for pointers to creative inspiration and free resources. Here are some of my favourite places you can explore to help you with your pursuit of all things creative.

  1. – one of the leading thinkers in creativity Michal Michalko – free techniques, tools and creative brain food
  2. NESTA – has loads of free resources, blogs and information about innovation and creativity in the UK
  3. Creative Review – the industry mag for design, advertising and visual arts
  4. I love – my go-to site with articles, blogs and creativity info
  5. – full of creative inspiration with tech edge
  6. – encourages you to find random creative stimulus
  7. Take a dip into design thinking with – regularly voted one of the most creative companies in the world across multiple sectors and loads of free resources
  8. Check out my hints and tips from my stylist webchat – this is a webchat I did with people looking for some advice

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