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  1. June 23, 2014

    Postcard from Cannes Lions 2014.

    By Claire Bridges
  2. June 17, 2014

    21 judges, 6 days deliberation, 1850 entries, 66 countries, 13 Golds. Cannes Lions Winners 2014.

    After 6 sometimes very long days, heated debate, deliberation and consideration by the PR jury of which I am honoured to have been a part, the results have finally been announced and the winners presented with their metal. So with Fiona Apple, a branded game, a film and an unswerving point of view about food provenance, […]

    By Claire Bridges
  3. June 5, 2014

    What makes a big idea? Hear from some of the PR Jury at Cannes 2014.

    So day 2 of judging at Cannes and lots of lively debate and discussion already amongst the PR jury. 21 of us from 19 different countries and disciplines gives a wide diversity of opinions and experiences around the table. Entries for the PR category at Cannes are up 43% on 2013 and we certainly know about […]

    By Claire Bridges
  4. June 5, 2014

    Do you know your creative thinking style?

    Do you like the big picture or the detail? Are you a muser or a yeller in brainstorms? Do you like structure and order or do you prefer to push boundaries? Do you like to share your ideas immediately or do you prefer to noodle for a while, before you share your thinking? Do you […]

    By Claire Bridges
  5. May 21, 2014

    Brilliant design thinking tools for creativity #1 – user empathy map, your creative compass

      Have you come across the idea of a user empathy map before? It’s a brilliant tool from the school of design thinking that puts the consumer or user of your product or service at the heart of the thinking in order to develop ideas around it. This can be useful to collate insight, hunches […]

    By Claire Bridges
  6. May 1, 2014

    Turning ideas into action – how to kick start your innovation team

    I’m currently working with several organisations to develop their creative capabilities and to deliver their great ideas into action. The projects vary from a team of 60 people in-house to working with the Head of Creative & Insight at a leading PR agency.  There are some real nitty-gritty questions that need to be addressed before […]

    By Claire Bridges
  7. April 27, 2014

    Can collaborative workspaces help creativity?

    A study out this week (April 2014) by workplace specialists Ideapaint explores the workplace environment and the impact it has on productivity, creativity and innovation. I contributed to an article for the BBC recently on this subject and there’s lots of anecdotal evidence about the impact of environment on many different aspects of work. It’s […]

    By Claire Bridges
  8. Is strategy the most over-used word in business?
    April 26, 2014

    Is strategy the most over-used word in business?

    By Claire Bridges
  9. April 25, 2014

    If you want to get creative, get scenius

    I just came across this word and musician Brian Eno’s definition of it from 1996: “Scenius stands for the intelligence and the intuition of a whole cultural scene. It is the communal form of the concept of the genius.” I’m a bit late to this party, he talked about it a while ago, but I love the […]

    By Claire Bridges

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