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Creative Element #19 Ego

Broadly defined as someone’s sense of self-importance and self-esteem, ego is often frowned upon in the modern workplace because the goal, and the team are perceived as more important than the individual. What is the role of creativity and the ego? Too much ego is clearly damaging: Todd Henry, author of The Accidental Creative, states […]

What stand-up comedy can teach us about creativity.

Stand-up comedians have to be vulnerable, open to failure and somehow learn to ignore their inner critic. Sound familiar? Whenever I watch live comedy I love witnessing the creative process play out in real time. It’s pure self-expression, with the performer creating there and then in the moment, gauging feedback and responding on the fly. They […]

A deadline and a dream.

What are the essential ingredients of the perfect creative brief? A killer brief can make the difference between good and great creative work, writes Now Go Create Founder Claire Bridges. It must tell your team where you are now and where you want to be. “A deadline and a dream” – two essential components of the ideal […]

Ditch the ‘busy work’ and make 2018 the year of your big idea

So we’re 19 days into January and already past so called ‘quitters’ day – the second Friday in January when most people give up their new year’s resolutions. I say thank god for that, the pressure’s off. I gave up setting myself a long list of should-dos, years ago. Setting meaningful goals and making real […]

Our 2018 creative training brochure is out!

We’re really excited about our shiny new range of creative training courses in our 2018 creative training brochure. Innovative companies like Amazon, Uber, Apple, Google and Virgin are not that way by accident. There are deliberate processes, mindsets and environmental factors at play that we can all learn from. And creativity is an essential leadership quality […]

Debunking the left/right brain myth

I’ve always been fascinated by what’s playing out on the hills and valleys of our 3lbs of grey matter whilst we’re generating creative ideas. People often ask what the secret is to getting into ‘the creative zone?’ The answer seems to be that there is not one creative zone, rather a range of ways of […]

Creative State of the PR Nation – 5 Years of The Creativity in PR Study

Back in 2012 Now Go Create and The Holmes Report set out to explore creativity in PR. We wanted to know how the public relations industry was approaching creativity and whether the industry was set fair to tackle client demands and needs in a fast-changing environment. Our findings since that first year have shown a […]

In Your Creative Element shortlisted for management book of the year

Now Go Create Founder Claire Bridges book on creativity in business, In Your Creative Element has been shortlisted for Management Book of the Year prize which was announced today by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the British Library. The 25-strong shortlist for the overall £5,000 prize – sponsored by Henley Business School reflects and offers […]

The role of self-belief for personal creativity

Claire Bridges hosted the ‘Are You in Your Creative Element’ session this morning at the Festival of Marketing, where she told the audience that a lack of confidence often holds people back. “People need to adopt a creative mindset because a lack of self-belief means we self-censor,” she said. “We worry about putting ideas on […]