Our bite-sized creativity workshops

People learn in different ways and these short, impactful, immersive experiences are a great way to engage. These are short, bite-size sessions on core creativity-related topics like self-belief, confidence and collaboration. They typically run for 60-90 minutes and we offer two sessions back-to-back in a morning or afternoon slot, for around 20 delegates in each session, (more for the Keynote) to make the most of your time and budget.

Think of this like a delicious pick ‘n’ mix where you can choose just one or create your own ongoing programme of content for your people.

Claire Bridges Belief Keynote

Self-belief is a fundamental element for creativity. Without self-belief we self-censor, shut things down, don’t speak up and talk ourselves out of ideas, before they’ve even had a moment to breathe.

This TED-style talk promotes creative thinking and how to adopt a creative mindset, using Claire’s insights from 20 years working in the creative industries, with world-famous brands, and interviews with creative leaders and experts.

Goodbye Inner Critic, Hello Inner Coach

The internal voice and the way you talk to yourself in your head, is called internal self-talk.James Mallinson Fix My Mind If yours helps to inspire you to greatness, it’s known as ‘positive internal self-talk’. But if it stops you from achieving what you set out to do, it’s called ‘negative internal self-talk’.

This confidence-building workshop helps people to tackle limiting beliefs, such as ‘I’m just not very creative’ or ‘people don’t respect my opinions.’ Participants work with James Mallinson, a leading mindset coach to understand how to get out of your own way with practical exercises.

Think On Your Feet

Trying improv comedy techniques in a playful way, encourages collaboration, creating there and then in-the-moment, problem-solving on the fly. You have to listen and be open to new ideas – all very helpful for creativity and team building. But don’t worry: you won’t have to perform!

Improvisation is like yoga for your soft skills: if yoga makes your body more flexible, then improv makes your thinking more agile. Facilitated by 2 or more professional performers, attendees will leave the room with a spring in their step, greater creative confidence, and with some new techniques to pep up their creative approach. See Max and Katy demonstrate the ‘yes, and’ exercise from improv below.

Speak Up: Find Your Personal charisma

Everyone wants to be charismatic. In this hour-long interactive workshop you’ll learn how you can be. Professional actor Max Dickins will break down charisma into five behaviours that anyone can learn. And then we’ll practice these charismatic behaviours in fun public speaking exercises, so that you can bust through the fear of standing up and telling your story.

Tell Your Story: Using Storytelling For Personal Impact

In this hour-long interactive and fun workshop you’ll learn lots of practical tips and tricks to help you tell powerful stories. We’ll help you tap into your own personal experience to communicate with authenticity. Plus you’ll learn to use the power of stories to influence others, explain complex ideas, and establish deep rapport with anyone.

Creative Safari: Get up, get out and get inspired.

We’ve been called the “look down” generation. We are now constantly looking at our smartphones where once we looked out at the world and each other. So join us for an immersive experience, to take a little time out from your day-to-day for deliberate creative thought. It’s about problem-solving and learning by walking about in a group, talking, drifting, watching and wandering.

We’ve been to The Design Museum, walked the streets of Antwerp, visited The Tate Modern, food tasted at Borough Market and meandered around The Serpentine. Contact lucy@nowgocreate.co.uk for more information about any of our creativity training.

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