Bite-size creativity at ASOS Festival of Learning

Bite-size creativity at ASOS Festival of Learning

During the last week of September we were lucky enough to take part in the ASOS Festival of Learning – a truly remarkable week-long event for all ASOSers.

We offered bite-size creativity training sessions including ‘think on your feet’ working with 2 improv professionals to practice collaboration and thinking on the fly.

We also ran our Creative Safari to invite people to look up from their Smartphones and use the city for inspiration. Our resident creative coach James Mallinson ran a workshop to help people to unleash their inner creative and silence their inner critic, using a process that he’s used over a 1,000 times with clients to help increase their confidence and performance.

Over 1200 people got involved at ASOS over their whole week which included being cooked a roast lunch by the CEO, learning to box, presentation skills, cookery lessons, pattern cutting and much more besides.

Pixar are the pioneers of this kind of learning – offering employees activities and experiences that are seemingly unrelated to their day job but that encourage collaboration, exploration and creativity. Congratulations to the learning academy team for pulling it off. No doubt it will result in a more motivated, positive and creative team!

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