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Wondering what it’s like to work with us? Find our more with some of our creative training case studies.

Now Go Create has been working with this household name online fashion retailer since 2015, bringing to life one of their core values – creativity. As an extremely fast-moving tech business, the company works at pace and asks the same of its partners. We initially worked with the core L&D team, running our How To Be A Creative Ninja workshop for this group (not one for the faint-hearted trainer, training HR pros!) and helping them to bring creative approaches to their day-to-day work. The core business is extremely creative in and of itself, with fashion designers, photographers, merchandisers and editorial staff all being indispensable to the business. This one day face-to-face training has also been undertaken by the marketing and communication team to help generate ideas to market the products and services of the business. 

But the company does not limit creative thinking and innovation to these groups – encouraging an innovative mindset whatever the role – they call it going left when others turn right. 

This means that there is a greater opportunity for diversity of thought. 

Over the last 4 years we have worked with 100’s of their employees in everything from customer service, test engineers and supply chain to marketing to help them generate, nurture and evaluate their great creative ideas whatever the team or skill set. We run an annual programme, delivering the work in mainly half-day or shorter bite-size sessions which have proven extremely popular and effective, and allow people to take part in a wide variety of subjects and styles of training that they can attend individually or build into their own programme. We cover areas related to creativity, presenting ideas (a natural extension to idea generation as your idea is only as good as your ability to sell it to someone), mindset and collaboration.
The most popular of these are our 75-minute storytelling sessions, think on your feet workshops (which use the principles of improv to encourage collaboration) and Meet Your Inner Coach mindset sessions, which help to tackle those unhelpful voices in our heads which impact our confidence in almost every area of our lives. 
“Just to say the session was very rewarding and will be recommending it to all of my peers.” Creative Ninja delegate
What we love about working with this client is that they absolutely walk the talk in terms of trying new things. We love getting briefs from them because we know we’ll get the chance to push our own boundaries and try piloting ideas that other companies would not be brave enough to do. They truly live their values and challenge us to be restless too! Our mindset workshops are extremely popular with many of our clients now, tapping into the overall trend for wellness and better mental health, as a result of running them first for this client. They were well ahead of this curve, just like they are in their fast-moving fashion business day-to-day.
The L&D team genuinely respect and collaborate with us as partners, rather than simply outsourcing training, and we love working with the team. They go to great lengths to educate and include us in their process and thinking, and that really does make the output better. It helps that we love their products too! 
Hear from delegates about some of their behind the scenes experiences on our our training courses.

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