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Founder Claire started Now Go Create in 2011, following 20 years working at the sharp-end as Creative & Planning Director at one of WPP’s best PR agencies before following her passion to teach creative skills and share the secrets of creative leadership working with a hand-picked team of leading professionals in the world of creativity and leadership.

Creativity can be intimidating and subjective, and the information on the subject overwhelming.

When Claire first became responsible for driving creativity in a 100-strong WPP-owned PR agency where ideas were its lifeblood, it dawned on her that despite being labelled ‘creative’, she didn’t know any formal techniques or processes.

When she became a Creative Director, she became curious and went looking for the answers to the many questions she had:

  • Is it possible to develop personal creative confidence, skills and behaviours?
  • What processes and tools exist to make creativity more deliberate and sustained?
  • How can you build the most effective creative teams?
  • What does a thriving creative culture look like?
  • What does it take to lead creativity?
  • What is there to take and learn from neuroscience that would help myself and others to be more creative?

Claire immersed herself in the subject, reading everything she could find and set about learning and practising the creativity tools that she didn’t even know existed.

The Creative Director role was the genesis of her obsession with the subject which led her to pursue an MSc in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership at Cass Business School at City University London – one of only a handful of people in the world to hold this qualification. Studying the academic research into creativity helped to assimilate practitioner experience and added science to her gut-feel approach.

Through her studies and day to day training practice, Claire discovered that there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to creativity. We all have personal and cognitive preferences, life experiences, differing educations and upbringings, cultural contexts and working environments that all have a bearing on our approach. Claire’s book In Your Creative Element aims to share what academics and professional practioners have to say on the subjects and her own good, bad and ugly personal experiences.

Since 2011 we have grown and developed the team to include planners, a mindset coach, writers, performers and coaches and are proud to work with some amazing companies and brands to help them to develop the creative skills of their people, and develop creative leadership teams. Our philosophy is that everyone can be creative and that confidence and collaboration are key to personal and team high performance.

We do it because we love seeing people go from ‘I’m not very creative’ mindset to ‘I can do it, and I’m great at it’. We firmly believe that creativity is not just the purview of anyone with ‘creative’ in their job title (although we’ve been in those not always very comfy shoes too). The world needs more people who can challenge the status quo and ask great questions and there are processes and models that can support ANYONE to do this effectively.

We love to support and nurture up and coming talent. In 2018 Claire worked as a mentor to support the next generation of creative practitioners at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity on the Young Lions cross-discipline competition and will do so again in 2019. Claire and Max have also worked pro-bono for Inspire and Marketing Academy Foundation and Save The Children amongst others.

We do this because we understand the business case for creativity and it’s ability to deliver results.

Creativity and commercial success go hand in hand and in the information age creativity is recognised as a key business factor for 21st century business success. Our clients credit us with empowering their people with skills and behaviours that deliver against their business objectives. We facilitate the successful generation and translation of ideas into action. According to PWC “the ability to innovate, to learn and change, is the hallmark of lasting corporate success.”

Just see our testimonials for client feedback. We have been privileged enough to work with brands including Facebook, Google, Disney, CNN, Sky Media, Tripadvisor, Unicef, Save The Children and over 100 leading UK and international PR agencies.



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