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“But I’m just not very creative. Isn’t creativity a matter of nature vs. nurture? Can you really teach creativity?

These are questions we often hear at the start of our training courses. At Now Go Create we believe that everyone IS creative, and in the same way you might be a morning or afternoon person, or like the big picture versus the detail we all have preferences about how we express our creativity. Research has shown that innovative companies embrace diversity of thinking and create whole-brained teams using psychometric tools.

It is not a case of creatives vs. non creatives. We offer individuals and organisations ways to learn new skills and problem-solving techniques as well new behaviours in order to be creative every day. We’ve trained nearly 5,000 people over the past 5 years. We love taking people from an “I’m not creative” mindset to believing they can do it and then watching them fly. Find out a bit more from some of our delegates at a recent Creative Ninjas workshop here.

Watch this short video to find out what happens at our Brilliant Brainstorm Training. We’ve trained thousands of people over the past 5 years and facilitated sessions for many more. Read what our clients say about our training here.

Also see our FAQ’s. Contact Lucy or call us if you’d like a chat with an actual person.