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We have unrivalled experience working with the creative industries and training creativity with companies including 100’s of leading PR, design, creative and research.

Creative training for over 200+ companies worldwide

We are specialists

The top 3 skills for the future of jobs, right now, according to the World Economic Forum are the areas we know best!

Creative Thinking

The world is not divided into creative ‘haves’ and ‘have nots. Our creativity courses will help develop your people in this essential skill.

Problem solving

Because problem solving skills have such wide implications, our courses have been designed in such a way as to include delegates from all different sectors and every conceivable department.

Critical thinking

Creative ideas need critical reasoning to see the light of day – take your raw materials and shape them into reality. Think of it as imaganation + maths.

Our Story

Claire Bridges founded Now Go Create in 2011 after nearly 20 years working up to MD, then Creative & Planning Director at a top WPP PR agency. With a team of hand-picked creative practitioners, we empower teams to be more creative and build the skills they need.

Claire’s MSc in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership informed her understanding that creativity varies widely among individuals. We all have personal and cognitive preferences, life experiences, differing educations and upbringings, cultural contexts and working environments that all have a bearing on our approach. Her best-selling book, In Your Creative Element, combines academic research and her personal experiences.

We have developed the team to include planners, a mindset coach, writers, performers and coaches and are proud to work with some amazing companies and brands to help them to develop the creative skills of their people, and develop creative leadership teams.

Our philosophy is that everyone can be creative and that confidence and collaboration are key to personal and team high performance. The world needs more people who can challenge the status quo and ask great questions and there are processes and models that can support ANYONE to do this effectively.

Now Go Create also mentors up and coming talent and supports charities pro-bono.

Meet the people that make it all possible

Our team includes creative directors, leadership experts, strategists, coaches, innovation experts, journalists and professional storytellers. This diverse creative talent brings different perspectives to our training, making it fun, interactive and effective.

Claire Bridges

Founder & Chief Spark

Claire is a world-leading creative expert, trainer & author.

Claire is one of only a handful of people globally to hold an MSc in Creativity, Innovation and Leadership.

Claire is part of the training faculty at the Cannes Lions School / Festival of Creativity. She is in demand as a university lecturer and for Keynote speeches on all things creative.

Anahita Milligan

Head of Strategy

Anahita has a media planning background at Board Level, working for PHD and Universal McCann. At Manning Gottlieb OMD she worked in communications planning for PlayStation, winning a Campaign Media Award as well as heading up the COI team.

She established Manning Gottlieb OMD’s creative problem solving unit training creativity as well as running idea generation sessions for household name clients.

Lucy Francis

Chief Organiser

Lucy is likely to be your first point of call at Now Go Create. She looks after all our clients, bookings and logistics and knows all there is to know about all things creative! She can help you with costs, course duration and more detail on our course content should you need it.

Email: lucy@nowgocreate.co.uk

Max Dickins

Storyteller in residence

Author, screenwriter and a professional storyteller who shares his hard won insights into the craft of storytelling, learnt at the coal face on stages worldwide.

Max runs our storytelling and improv workshops.

Author of best-selling book Billy No Mates, Max’s workshops are highly immersive and engaging, with 5 star reviews!

Octavia Gilmore Storytelling in Business coach

Octavia Gilmore

Storytelling Coach

A self-proclaimed storytelling shapeshifter – Octavia acts, improvises, writes, directs, produces, coaches and writes. She coaches our storytelling and presentation ninja workshops to help people confidently share their messages and make an impact.

She is an exceptional communicator and will help you to be too.

Kerri Hollick creative coach

Kerri Hollick

Coach and Facilitator

An exceptional facilitator Kerri uses her experience, natural curiosity and creative skills to enable teams to identify their vision, take a deep dive into how to drive this forward and maintain momentum.

Kerri is a skilled coach with a natural style that builds trust, creates clarity, identifies direction and promotes knowledge and growth.

James Mallinson

Mindset Coach
James coaches board level directors, CEO’s and high-profile individuals. He uses his therapy background, coaching skills and NLP training to help clients achieve high performance in areas including pitching and presentation skills.

James understands the demands of the business environment, which allows him to work effectively and at pace.

Matthew Burgess headshot

Matthew Burgess

Facilitator and Coach

Matthew is a creative leadership coach specialising in helping individuals and organisations cultivate the mindsets, skills, awarenesses and behaviours that fuel effective creative work.

Matthew comes from a multidisciplinary creative career spanning TV, journalism and music with 12 years at the Discovery Channel in innovation.

What does it take to be creative in business? That’s the question Now Go Create Founder Claire Bridges set out to answer when she wrote In Your Creative Element, the playbook for budding creatives and leaders. This best-seller covers inspiration and practical guidance and  exercises to unlock creativity in everyone. Published by Kogan Page, this is an original work on one of the hottest industry topics. Written by a female Creative Director who has made it her business to unpick how and why creative ideas are born, develop and survive or die.

In Your Creative Element

Read it, love it, do it!

“Creative thinking seems to have been regarded as one of the dark arts by many senior managers. This book and Now Go Create’s approach is to demystify creativity. Your own creative instincts can be honed and mastered using the nuggets of insight. Read it, love it, do it!” Arif Haq

Creativity is a strategic issue

“I honestly can’t fault this book. Creativity is misunderstood by many. But what enlightened CEO’s realise is that creativity is not an optional extra. It’s a strategic issue. The books and Now Go Create’s courses provide accessible, down to earth practical tools to unlock creative potential.” Stuart Yeardsley, Creative Director, Zeno

A toolkit to scale creativity

“Like all of Now Go Create’s courses, the book offers a great toolkit for amangaing creativity and building creative thinking systematically into an organisation and its culture. The book proves that creativity can truly add value to the bottom line and retain your best talent.” Greg James, Global Chief Transformation Officer, Havas Media

Our Partnerships

We have unrivalled expertise in the creative industries and are proud partner with some of the world’s leading creative champions including the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for over a decade as mentors, teachers and hosts. As a columnist and trainer for Creative Review, co-author to the Creativity in PR study with Provoke Media, trainer for DA&D and for PR industry body the PRCA.

Our Specialisms

Creative Thinking

The ability to think creatively to tackle challenges and create opportunities has never been more crucial. Innovate or die.

How To Be A Creative Ninja is our signature creativity training course taken by more than 30,000 people. Choose from a live, interactive webinar where you'll learn creativity tools, or book us for an in-depth face-to-face workshop.

Problem Solving

Our courses are built on years of research and evidence-backed tools that make a difference. Training is practical, hands-on, and immediately applicable to real-world business problems.

Problem-solving is a key skill that can be developed and honed. Try our SCAMPER workshop, a simple and highly effective framework to help systematically trigger fresh thinking to your challenge or problem.

Critical Thinking

Consider the key questions, amass relevant information, think differently and make a well-reasoned argument.

Our How To Be A Strategy Ninja course will help you to do just that with frameworks and tools designed to demystify how to develop creative strategy.

50 Ways to Supercharge Your Creativity Instant FREE download

- ​Are your brainstorms a bit rubbish?

- Are you staring at a blank page willing an idea to emerge?

- Do you suspect that there must be a better way of getting to great ideas?

For anyone who wants to upgrade their creative thinking. We've got you. Download your FREE guide to unlock fresh ideas and supercharge your creativity!

Use the 50 different triggers as inspiration to help you prep for a group creative session or to generate ideas by yourself. Stimulate your imagination and get a fresh perspective on your challenge.

Our training courses

Employers now consider creative thinking to be a core capability, and for brand and agency teams it's essential. The good news is that thinking more creatively is a learnable skill! We've trained thousands of people in practical ways to improve the way they think and solve problems – explore our courses below:


“I was so inspired by the ‘How to be a Creative Ninja’ training that we set up workshops for the whole agency. Claire is brilliant at demystifying the idea that ‘creativity’ is some kind of dark art or innate talent only possessed by few. Her training session was lively, engaging and, most importantly gave us practical tools that are proven to stimulate creativity and the confidence to believe that we can all be creative. What’s more, because the tools and techniques Claire gave us are simple and fun we are using them for creative sessions 5 years later.” Jo Chappell, Creative Director, Fever PR

Now Go Create’s training was invaluable!

“The entire programme was invaluable and helped me to work better with my team, reignite my creative spark and the e-learning was a great refresher to embed what we’d covered.” Dimple Vijaykumar, Global Social Media Manager, United Nations

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