21 Trends for 2021

21 Trends for 2021

Well I know I won’t be looking back on 2020 fondly, but I am happy to look forward to 2021 and what trends might impact our marketing and comms.

As usual Trendwatching has provided its insights which can prove helpful as a different way to start a brainstorm and connect your work to a wider cause. Here are 21 carefully curated opportunities to help you imagine and build new products, services and campaigns that will have a purposed impact in 2021 and beyond.

Below is a selection with a trigger question for you, along with links to the rest:

1.VIRTUALLY GROUNDED – Reimagine gatherings for today’s mixed reality

💡 How can you leverage virtual events to expand your reach and tap into new audiences?

2SYSTEMIC JUSTICE Support and empower marginalized communities

💡 What can your brand do to truly address the roots of systematic oppression?

3. NORM RECALIBRATION Accept, embrace and run with new norms

💡 How can you adjust your brand’s messages and products to celebrate societal realities?

4. EARTH POSITIVE From climate neutral to regenerative

💡 How can you not only do less harm to the planet but leave it better off? 

5. DESIGNED FOR WELLBEING Infuse mental wellness into your products 

💡 How can you recalibrate the impact your products and services have on consumers’ wellbeing?

Use the super-helpful trends canvas to help you put these trends into your context and see how you might apply them to your company or brand next year. If you want help with your creative endeavours in 2021 give us a shout or join one of our open courses.

See the full list here.

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