2015 – what were your best bits?

As always at this time, thoughts turn to the year to come, what plans we can hatch and the dreams we hope to realise. I plan to take a bit of time out over the next few days and set some goals for 2016. As I do, I’m reflecting on 2015 and what’s gone well, and maybe not so well and what I can take with me into the New Year. So what puts a smile on my face when I think about this year professionally?

In June I was lucky enough to work as part of the training faculty at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity – a mind-blowing experience where I met some of the best creative talent in the world right now and heard their philosophies and experiences. Working alongside DDB’s Chairman Emeritus Keith Reinhard was an honour and Dave Droga’s brilliance and humility was inspiring, as well as the 60 or so delegates who chose to eschew the rose and the parties and really get stuck into pitching at the end of the week.

The Mighty Dave Droga & Keith Reinhard, DDB
The Mighty Dave Droga & Keith Reinhard, DDB

Masters of Creativity

In July my highlight was undoubtedly graduating finally with my MA in creativity, innovation and leadership from the Cass Business School, at City University London.

Msc Creativity, Innovation & Leadershiip
Claire received her MSc in Creativity, Innovation and Leadership

If you’d like to do a little reflection on your creative peaks, a useful exercise to help think about what makes you creatively brilliant is the following:

  • Think about 3 or so Creative Peak moments in your life so far at work or play.
  • Moments when you knew this was something significant, something you’re proud of, something that has stayed in your memory and even now brings a smile to your face and a thrill as you remember what you did.
  • Give each one of those creative peak moments a title, and write down the title next to the “peaks” on your page.
  • Now, write a short description (one or two sentences) of what happened. You might consider noting such things as:

Were you alone or in a crowd?
 What was the type of challenge you were facing?
 What made it a Creative Peak Moment for you?
 How did you overcome any challenges?
 What are you particularly proud of?
 What skills did you use? Are there any feelings, sounds or images that are important as you remember?

  • Now you’ve done that, look across the peaks. You’re looking for any emerging themes, any consistent clues as to what’s going on. Pick out three or four “themes” that seem to be showing up.
  • Write down 5 key words or phrases that describe you at your creative best.

Whatever you’re most proud of in 2015, and you desire in the coming year, we wish you health, love and creative success in 2016!

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