Ideas and where to find them! Watch the free webinar replay

Ideas and where to find them! Watch the free webinar replay

Free creativity  webinar: Ideas And Where To Find Them – Creative Hacks For Tackling The Blank Page

Presenter: Claire Bridges, Author & Founder, Now Go Create

Date: Whenever you like (it’s a replay)

Duration: 35 minute creativity webinar with time for Q&A

Here at Now Go Create we love to foster and inspire creativity by sharing tools and processes for individuals and teams. We know creativity is the lifeblood of many businesses so to kick off the next decade we’re offering you this FREE webinar with Claire Bridges, author of In Your Creative Element and Founder of Now Go Create, with tools and techniques to help you to master your craft.

Featuring practical tips, case studies and coaching questions, this creativity webinar content is designed to increase your confidence in your creative abilities with tools to help you generate ideas quickly against your brief.

We’re going to feature the WD40 of creativity tools. SCAMPER is an acronym for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify/Magnify, Put to other uses, Eliminate and Reverse. It provides a framework and stimulates questions and improvement triggers which can be used to help you look at your challenge, work, project or product differently. I’ve listed 60 questions here but there could be many more and you can add your own.

Think of it as your all-purpose creative lubricant! I first came across it when I began my research into creativity over 10 years ago, in Michael Michalko’s brilliant,Thinkertoys, and it is based on the work of one of the original madman, Alex Osborne. I find it really helpful to provoke new avenues of thought, both individually and in groups.

The SCAMPER question can trigger modifications of something that already exists, but they can also prove as a springboard to truly fresh thinking. I find that the Substitute and Reverse triggers can be the most helpful to get to breakthrough ideas, whilst the others can build on what exists, to refresh and often generate more incremental-type ideas.

Key take-outs from the session will include:

  • Learn and practice tools and creative hacks to help you conquer the blank page.
  • How to brainstorm more effectively in teams and some of the psychological factors at play in group creative work
  • If you bring a topic to work on from your creative to-do list you’ll walk away with a bunch of ideas that you can further develop offline

If you’ve worked with us before then this is an opportunity to try some new tools on a challenge and refresh your mental toolkit, if you haven’t and you’ve always wondered what we get up to then now’s your chance!

We ran this webinar taster session on January 20th. You can register here to watch the replay.

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