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Over 10,000 people trained in our techniques!

Hello. We are Now Go Create – a crack team of creative training and leadership experts with world-class credentials in the fields of creative leadership, brainstorm and creative training, coaching, creative thinking and brainstorm facilitation. We have trained thousands of people in problem-solving techniques in companies including Vodafone, Sky Media, HP, 02, Heineken, itsu, Prêt a Manger, Sony, White Stuff, InterContinental Hotels, Beam Global, Unicef, Tripadvisor, Save The Children and over 100 leading PR, design, creative, research and insight agencies.

100 per cent of people tell us that our creative training courses are relevant to their day-to-day work. Find out what they say about us here. We understand the business case for creativity – after all our team have lived and breathed it at the corporate sharp-end working for WPP and global brands. Our Founder Claire has an MSc Innovation, Creativity & Leadership, one of a handful of people in the world to study creativity at this high academic level.

Our creative training workshops cover everything from the blank page to selling your ideas. They include how to devise a creative strategy, upping your creative confidence, how to become a Creative Ninja with tools and techniques, and how pitch your great ideas.

We have trained armies of brainstorm facilitators in the skills they need to help generate and nurture ideas from other people. We are also trained in problem-solving assessment tool called The View which offers great personal insights into how you are creative. We share creative techniques and processes, and explore the behaviours and mindsets that differentiate high performing creative teams and we apply the latest academic thinking and rigour.

If you’re looking for help to develop a more creative culture in your organisation or enhance your leadership team’s creative capabilities and know-how then you’re in the right place. Creativity is most definitely a leadership issue – the charge for creativity and innovation must come from those at the top or it will fail. We are currently helping household name brands with their creativity programmes with fantastic results.

We have unrivalled experience working with the creative industries. Our founder Claire is part of only a handful of people in the world to be part of the prestigious training faculty at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, developing the next generation of creative leaders. Claire has presented on the main stage at Cannes to present our creative thinking methods.

Claire’s expertise and 20 years of creative practice is shared in her book ‘In Your Creative Element’, published by Kogan Page and featuring on Amazon top 10 lists! We’ve also recently launched Mastering Creativity our first e-learning creativity programme – a 6 part, video-based training programme in partnership with Creative Review.

Please get in touch now to find out how we can help your business up the ante with creative training and leadership development. You can dip your toe in for FREE with a recording of our Ideas and How to Find Them webinar that we ran with Creative Review recently. Sign up here.

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Our Courses

Creative training

Creative Ninjas

Our super-popular one-day creative training course that brings out the hidden ideas-creating machine that exists within us all. Over 10,000 people have been trained in these tools and our feedback tells us that people love this workshop and leave with ready-to-use tools they’ve practiced throughout the day. We run this in-house and as an open training.

Be a Ninja

Creative training Now Go Create

Brilliant Brainstorm Facilitation

An inspiring one-day course. Teasing out a range of subtle (but deadly powerful) skills that will help transform you into a master facilitator – so that you can bring out the best in everyone.
A vital skill that many companies fail to invest in. Without it don’t bother with a group brainstorm.


Creativity training

Creativity in PR

We recently launched the 6th edition of our Creativity in PR Global study, co-authored with The Holmes Report.

“Claire is fast-becoming one of the go-to experts on creativity and communications. Her writing is on the money – insightful and well-considered – and the report has become one of our most popular reads.” Arun Sudhaman, Partner and Editor In Chief, The Holmes Report

Full Report

One of our happy customers

The Now Go Create creative training programme is proving to be a great success within Sky Media. Claire has done a fantastic job, tailoring the programme to our specific needs and objectives whilst making it fun and stimulating too. Although it’s early days we are already reaping benefits in the way we approach briefs, and we have a team of enthusiastic ambassadors leading the charge across the business.
David Shore – Head of Business Development, Sky Media