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Hello. Are you looking to improve your creative capabilities and ability to innovate? Well, then you’re in the right place. Now, more than ever, the world needs creative thinkers, and as a result we have innovation, and e-learning creativity courses to suit everyone from the leadership team to the intern, and increase your capabilities. Go straight to our 2021 brochure here.


The top 3 skills for the future of jobs, right now, according to the World Economic Forum are:

  1. Complex Problem solving
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Creativity

We can help you to future-proof your business and upskill your people.

Firstly, because we are a crack team of creative training and leadership experts with world-class credentials. Secondly we’ve trained 1,000’s of people to equip them with a creative toolkit. And thirdly, we’ve lived and breathed creativity in the real world, underpinned by our academic chops.

Whether you have the word ‘creative’ in your job title, are an apprentice or the CEO, our creative training workshops cover everything from tackling the blank page to selling your ideas. These include how to devise a creative strategy, our best-seller How To Become a Creative Ninja with tools and techniques, and presenting and communicating your ideas with How to Become A Pitch Ninja.

We deliver these via webinars, virtual classroom experiences, e-learning and bespoke programmes.

Since 2011 over 20,000 people have upskilled themselves in creative thinking and problem-solving techniques. This includes companies including the UN, Disney, ASOS, Sky Media, HP, 02, Heineken, itsu, Prêt a Manger, WWF, TripAdvisor and Save The Children, to namedrop a few! Read a client case study here.

We support creative leaders in their drive to build a culture of innovation and lead their to teams to high creative performance via one day and residential creative leadership programmes


We have adapted many of our most popular courses to offer online options. Please do give us a shout to join one of our webinars, virtual classroom sessions, open online training sessions and our new e-learning programme which will start in Spring 2021 – stand alone courses for any device, at your own pace.

Contact us for more details and check out our online learning options for creative thinking, strategy training and storytelling here.


We have unrivalled experience working with the creative industries and have worked with companies including 100’s of leading PR, design, creative, research and insight agencies. We have close ties with the Centre For Creative Studies at the Cass Business School. It was here that Founder and Chief Spark Claire studied for her MSc in creativity, innovation and leadership. She wrote a book as part of her studies and is proud to be one of less than 100 people globally to hold this degree and to be on the advisory board at the university.

Our team includes leadership experts, strategists and insight specialists, coaches, innovation experts, journalists and professional storytellers, playwrights and stand-up comedians. This diverse creative talent brings different perspectives to our training, making it fun, interactive and sticky!

Get in touch now to find out how we can help your business up the ante with creative training and leadership development or use the course finder tool below to help you.



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The Now Go Create creative training programme is proving to be a great success within Sky Media. Claire has done a fantastic job, tailoring the programme to our specific needs and objectives whilst making it fun and stimulating too. We are reaping benefits in the way we approach briefs, and we have a team of enthusiastic ambassadors leading the charge across the business.

David Shore, Sky Media

“At Mischief, we believe Creative is a culture and not a department. Claire and her team, get this. Their focus was on driving creative behaviours, we saw the difference immediately and continue to see the impact daily.”

Frankie Cory, Mischief

I think it was absolutely the best course ever I have attended. The creative thinking techniques have changed my beliefs. I got so much valuable information and I am sure I will use it very often.

General Manager, Prêt A Manger

“Claire demystifies the chemistry of creativity with practical tools & advice in this book.  By openly sharing her own experiences, Claire gives inspirational tactics & exercises to unlock creativity in everyone.  She lifts the bonnet on creative thinking, and shares the secrets of today’s creative masters. She democratises the power of creativity, and makes us all experts in original thinking & ideas. Need encouraging & empowering advice to get started on new idea generation? This is the book for you.”

Paul Davies, Microsoft

Working With Us

We understand the business case for creativity – after all our team have lived and breathed it at the corporate sharp-end working for agencies and brands for decades. Our Founder Claire  is one of a handful of people in the world to hold an MSc Innovation, Creativity & Leadership.


We pride ourselves on the immediate impact and application of our creative thinking and problem solving training. People tell us that our creativity courses are highly relevant to their day-to-day work. Our full 2021 online and face-to-face creativity training catalogue here. Find out what they say about us here.


We have trained armies of brainstorm facilitators in the skills they need to help generate and nurture ideas from other people. We share creative techniques and processes, and explore the behaviours and mindsets that differentiate high performing creative teams and we apply academic thinking and rigour. Never run an ineffective brainstorm again!


If you’re want help to develop a more creative culture in your organisation and enhance your leadership team’s creative capabilities we can help you to navigate. Creativity is most definitely a leadership issue – the charge for creativity and innovation must come from those at the top or it will fail. Find out about our Creative Leadership residential course running this autumn.


The top 10 skills for the future of jobs, right now, according to the World Economic Forum are:

  1. Complex Problem solving
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Creativity

We can help you to future-proof your business and upskill your people. See our full course brochure.

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    We live and breathe creativity and have had to develop creative campaigns throughout our own careers. We know what works, and what doesn't, and how to mix theory and practice to up-skill your people quickly.

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    Convenience - E-learning

    We have 25 lessons across 3 modules of creativity and innovation e-learning for you to take at your own pace. Head to our e-learning site for more.

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    Over 20,000 people trained by our team with 1,000s of training hours under our collective belts, as well as hours at the creative coal face in 'real' jobs.

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    Our Philosophy

    We believe in creative democracy. It is not the purview of just those with 'creative' in their job titles. We can help anyone, whatever their job title, age or industry to unleash their innate creativity. Our training reflects current L&D trends with immersive experiences, e-learning and bite-size workshops.

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    Trusted by Brands

    We're lucky enough to have worked with household names including Sky Media,, HSBC, The National Trust, Pret A Manger, 02 and 100's of digital, PR & social agencies.

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Explore Our Courses

  • Who's It For?
    Anyone who wants to improve their creative thinking skills and develop a toolkit of ways to explore problems.
    How Long For?
    Half or full day with e-learning add-ons
    Future-proof your business
    Creative thinking, problem-solving & critical thinking are the top 3 skills for business
    By The End
    Learn and practice creative tools and 'I need an idea right now”, to ways to crack a creative challenge in an hour, 48 hours, a week or more.
    Any time to suit you in-house or join a public workshop online
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  • Who is it for?
    Anyone who has to regularly pitch, present or sell their ideas
    How long?
    From 1-3 days or bite-size chunks
    By the end
    Unflappable, unstoppable & unbeatable!
    Open public training dates
    28th April Storytelling Masterclass public online
    Mindset coach online
    Tackle your inner critic workshop online
    Storytelling online
    2 hour storytelling workshop with Max
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  • Who's It For?
    Anyone who wants to harness the power of storytelling for business, pitches, presentations, keynotes & selling
    How Long For?
    2 hour workshop online, half or full day face to face
    By The End
    Understand the different sorts of stories you can tell in business, and when you need them, with lots of practice!
    Next open training
    In house or public training 28 April 2022
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In Your Creative Element hardback book

What does it take to be creative in business? This is the question this new book In Your Creative Element sets out to address.

Claire’s book, published by Kogan Page, is an original work on one of the hottest industry topics. Written by a female Creative Director who has made it her business to unpick how and why creative ideas are born, develop and survive or die.

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