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online creativity training

If you’re just starting out on your creative journey then this online creativity training course is for you. Whether you’re an Account Executive in a PR agency or new to a role where creativity is now part of your remit then we can help demystify the topic and give you some practical ways-in including a tailored reading prescription and a personal starter-kit to get you on your way.

This creativity training is all done online to work at your pace and for flexibility and ease.

We’ll start by finding out where you are and what you know and create a programme tailored just for you. This includes undertaking an online creativity assessment and a one to one coaching session via Skype with our Founder Claire. We’ll provide brain food, inspiration and creative stimulus to get you on your way!

This online creativity course would typically take around one month to complete the tasks, reading and reflection required but you’ll go at your own pace. We’ll explore areas like:

  • Understanding your personal preferences in relation to creativity
  • Defining what creativity means to you and the context in which you want to apply it
  • Looking at best practice work in your industry
  • Types of creativity and tools to apply to different problems
  • Exercises to explore what you’re like when you’re at your creative best
  • A personal reading list
  • Secret creative missions (should you choose to accept them)
  • Exploring your creative heroes and stealing their mojo!

A good place to start would be our workshop on creative confidence around David Kelley of IDEO’s Ted talk. Have a look at our free online creativity training session here.

Please contact Lucy for more details. Also see our inspiration section for suggested reading, case studies, trends and for a nudge in the right direction for creative brain food and our blog for free tools and information. There’s a good reading list at Buzzfeed here.