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The Gap, by Ira Glass a love letter to creativity

Whilst preparing for my webinar with Creative Review this week I came across a beautiful piece of work that highlights how grit and discipline are such important characteristics for the creative beginner and the most seasoned too. Bringing to life the words of The Gap, by Ira Glass reminds us that when we’re evaluating ideas, […]

Ideas and where to find them! Free creativity webinar.

Free creativity webinar on April 13th, 3pm I’m really thrilled that the creative’s bible, Creative Review has been publishing extracts from my book for the past 3 months, you can read them here. They’ve been really popular so to spread the love a bit more we’re running a creativity webinar next week (along with the […]

Dr Sara Jones explores the use of technology tools for creativity

How can we use technology tools for creativity? Cass Business School’s Dr Sara Jones explores how humans and computers can work together to generate ideas. Dr Sara Jones is a senior lecturer and one of the founding members at the Centre for Creativity and Professional Practice which runs the Masters in Innovation, creativity and leadership […]

Dr Ben Martynoga explains the neuroscience of creativity

Can the neuroscience of creativity show us evidence-backed ways to manage our creative state and generate better ideas? I’ve always been fascinated by what’s actually playing out on the hills and valleys of our 3lbs of grey matter whilst we’re generating creative ideas. People often ask what the secret is to getting into ‘the zone.’ […]

7 inspiring creative women on International Women’s Day 2017

As part of the research for my book on creativity in business, In Your Creative Element I deliberately sought out to include as many female voices as I could on the topic of creativity. I spoke to the amazing Jackie Lynton, a pioneer for change in the NHS, Dr Sara Jones, Course Director of the […]

How to use neuroscience to help build the perfect creative team

Creativity has been part of my professional life for over twenty years working in PR and then as a trainer and consultant. I’ve always been fascinated by what’s actually playing out on the hills and valleys of our 3lbs of grey matter whilst we’re generating creative ideas. People often ask what the secret is to […]

Try an alternative to a group brainstorm – brainwriting

Here at Now Go Create we love discovering and sharing tools and techniques to make ours (and your) creative work easier. If you haven’t tried it yet, brainwriting is a great tool. We discovered brainwriting several years ago and it’s one we teach in our How To Become A Creative Ninja workshops. The principle behind […]

Tackling the blank page – book extract published in Creative Review

I’m very excited that the iconic Creative Review is publishing extracts from In Your Creative Element over the next few months. The Feb issue has been really well received with great feedback so I thought I’d share one of the tips from the first extract where I suggest on how to identify the problem at […]

Why every team needs a CD – a Creative Deviant that is…

The start of the New Year and inevitable talk of goal setting. Maybe you’re looking to up the ante on your personal creativity, chase down that Cannes Lion or innovate in your sector. But in terms of this year’s appraisal you’re probably expected to conform to the company rules and standards, perhaps adhere to ‘best […]

Creative success in business – the Csuite podcast from Cass Business School

What does it take to be a creative success in business? Recorded at the Cass Business School in London, in this show for the C Suite Podcasts, interviewer and presenter Russell Goldsmith spoke to me and two contributors from my new book, In Your Creative Element, Gerry Hopkinson, Co-Founder of award-winning Clerkenwell PR agency Unity, […]