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claire4Hello. We are Now Go Create – a crack team of creative training experts with world-class credentials in the fields of brainstorm and creative training, coaching, creative thinking and brainstorm facilitation. We have trained thousands of people in problem-solving techniques in companies including Virgin Media, HP, C4, Heineken, itsu, ITV, Prêt a Manger, Sony, White Stuff, InterContinental Hotels, Beam Global, Unicef, Tripadvisor, Save The Children and HP as well as over fifty leading PR and insight agencies. 100 per cent of people tell us that our courses are relevant to their day-to-day work. Find out what they say about us here. We understand the business case for creativity – after all our team have lived and breathed it at the corporate sharp-end working for WPP and global brands.

Today, 10th December, sees the launch of our 3rd Global Creativity in PR study – read the findings and read our interviews with creative leaders of the best London PR agencies and their predictions for PR in 2019 in our deep dive.

Creativity and commercial success go hand in hand and in the information age creativity is recognised as a key business factor for 21st century business success. Our clients credit us with empowering their people with skills and behaviours that deliver against their business objectives. We facilitate the successful generation and translation of ideas into action. According to PWC “the ability to innovate, to learn and change, is the hallmark of lasting corporate success.”

Our creative training workshops cover everything from the blank page to selling your ideas. They include how to devise a creative strategy, upping your creative confidence, how to become a Creative Ninja with tools and techniques, and how pitch your great ideas. We have trained armies of brainstorm facilitators in the skills they need to help generate and nurture ideas from other people. We are also trained in problem-solving assessment tool called The View which offers great personal insights into how you are creative. We share creative techniques and processes, and explore the behaviours and mindsets that differentiate high performing creative teams and we apply the latest academic thinking and rigour.

If you’re looking for help to develop a more creative culture in your organisation or enhance your leadership team’s creative capabilities and know-how then you’re in the right place. Creativity is most definitely a leadership issue – the charge for creativity and innovation must come from those at the top or it will fail. We are currently helping household name brands with their creativity programmes with fantastic results. Please get in touch to find out how we can help your business become more creative too!

You might like to check out our open training courses here. Or email me claire@nowgocreate.co.uk or call us 07917 132672.

Claire Bridges, Founder & Chief Spark, Now Go Create